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Why You Should Adopt a Feral Cat

Cat Rescue

Thornbury A cat charity is adopting a novel approach to helping find homes for feral cats in their care by reaching out to anyone who might have a rodent problem.

The Cats Protection thinks it’s an ideal way to help find feral cats safe, secure homes while offering environmentally-friendly rodent control.

Feral cats are often unable to be socialised as pets or returned to their original location. Because they have never been domesticated, adult feral cats do not crave or need human affection but do require a safe, warm and dry home in an outdoor setting such as a stables, farm or smallholding.

In return for shelter, regular food and fresh water, ferals provide unrivalled pest control services, keeping barns and animal feed areas clear of rats and mice.

Speaking for the charity, Emma Osborne said: “Feral cats make superb working pets for all sorts of settings, including farms, garden centres and pubs. They’re at their happiest when in a suitable outdoor home, provided they have food, shelter, fresh water and someone to look out for their welfare.

“Often, it’s just the scent of cats which will keep rodents away, so their presence is very effective at keeping areas pest-free. And of course, being cats they are endlessly entertaining, and often become a much-loved presence in a working environment.”

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