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WATCH: Meditate With Your Cat at Home to Reduce Stress


It’s well known that meditation can work wonders for our health. What’s more, thanks to science we now know that cat videos can reduce stress and make us happy. But could the two be combined to create the definitive wellbeing routine that could also benefit homeless cats?

Working with mindfulness experts at the Mindfulness Project, the six minute video class, called ‘Karma Kitties’, is the first ever guided meditation cat video and marries the essential principles of mindfulness classes with cute rescue cat video clips and the soothing sounds of cats.

The meditation video features an adorable cast of homeless cats and kittens cared for by Blue Cross, all showcasing their innate therapeutic powers.

Through specific imagery and sounds of cats purring, playing, sleeping and snoozing, the guided class allows the viewer to focus on, and pay attention to, the sensations, thoughts and emotions evoked by the pets. A voiceover from the Mindfulness Project guides the viewer through the class, making it suitable for beginners as well as seasoned meditators.

Alexa Frey, Co-Founder and Director of the Mindfulness Project and author of ‘I Am Here Now’ comments “This is a really unique venture for us, and when we were approached by Blue Cross we couldn’t wait to get involved. There’s so much research showing the calming influence of cats on humans and so it marries really well to the principles of mindfulness. We hope the class brings calm and tranquility to people all across the country and encourages people to bring a rescue cat into their lives”.

Karma Kitties was trialled by the Mindfulness Project at a one-off event in the capital where cat lovers reported that the video was definitely calming and relaxing.

Christina Moore, 30 commented: “I felt incredibly happy after watching the at-home Karma Kitties cat mindfulness video. It’s definitely something I would like to incorporate into my everyday life – it’s the perfect length! Everyone loves cat videos, me included and as this combines the cuteness of cats and helps with my wellbeing, it’s definitely something I want to get involved with.”

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