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Thugs Set Cat on Fire With Fireworks – Now He Needs a New Home

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buy Pregabalin online eu Black cat Phoenix has risen from the ashes after he was set on fire by a firework on Halloween last year

A black cat who was severely burnt when a firework was attached to his back on Halloween is looking for a fur-ever home after his horrible ordeal.image2.jpeg

Four-year-old Phoenix suffered horrible burns on Halloween last year and came into RSPCA care on November 1.

He was wearing a Halloween coat, which was printed with bats, which had become stuck to terrible open wounds along his back.

He was brought in by RSPCA inspector Tony Jackman after he was found in desperate need of care in Chopwell, Tyne and Wear.

Phoenix underwent treatment at a nearby vets for a month before coming into the care of the RSPCA Northumberland West branch.

Jan Ormiston, trustee at the branch said: “Phoenix had such horrible burns underneath the Halloween costume when he was rescued. It is believed he had a firework attached to his back which caused the burns. He was lucky to have survived.

“His wounds were so bad he had to have his dressings changed every two days and as this was so painful for him he needed to be sedated each time. This went on for two weeks before the wounds showed any signs of starting to heal. One of the wounds had to be stitched as it wasn’t healing on its own at all.

It took another five weeks for the wounds to fully heal with lots of trips to the vet before he was given a full bill of health on January 6 – more than two months after his ordeal started.

Phoenix was rehomed at the end of January this year but it soon became clear his lively personality meant he was not suited to living in a home with small children and was brought back in July. He was then reserved by another potential forever home but they were unable to take him as their landlord did not allow pets.

Jan added: “We are desperate to find poor Phoenix a home. He is being overlooked so, so often and we just don’t know why. He is a magnificent free spirit. We know that there is just the home waiting for Phoenix. This lovely cat has been through so much and he deserves a chance.”

Almost half of all the cats in RSPCA centres are black cats and it can take longer to rehome these cats compared to any other cat. On average it takes 30 days or more to rehome a black or black and white cat this is compared to a ginger cat which takes an average of 20 days to rehome.

The staff at the RSPCA Northumberland West branch said Phoenix loves strolling around the cattery and making friends with other cats. He may be able to live with another a cat, or a friendly dog. He’s quite independent and will need to be able to go outside and explore.

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