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This Cat Was Found in a Cardboard Box & Now She’s Signed up to a Record Label (Oh, & She Looks Like a WereWolf)

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What do people think having looked at Moony for the very first time? Who is that? A dog, an owl, a raccoon? Sometimes compared to Sir Didymus from David Bowie’s Labyrinth and Ewok from Star Wars, she’s actually a Persian cat, albeit one with a distinctive look.

How she came to find fame is an interesting story though, and we’re here to tell her story – including how she became the first cat to ever ink a deal with a music label!

Moony lives in Quebec, Canada with her owner Luc Michaud. In March of 2014 he found Moony in a box at the entrance of the building he lived. Mr. Michaud said:’I looked in the box through the door and I saw this poor cat who was totally frozen and afraid. At that moment I said to myself that one of my neighbors must have forgotten it here. I did ask around, but no one seemed to know where the cat came from or who it belonged to. It certainly wasn’t my plan to end up adopting a cat at the time. But when I first saw how fluffy she was and how afraid she looked, I couldn’t help it, I absolutely fell in love with her. It was love at first sight! But she was so unique looking, I had no idea what breed of a cat she was! She was unlike any cat I had ever seen before!’

Who’s who?

At that time Moony was about 5 months and much later Michaud was found out that Moony’s strange appearance was caused by a rare hormonal disorder called hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome. A condition which causes excessive hair and claws growth and is also seen in humans.

He continued, ‘Moony needs a lot of care to stop her long hairs getting in her eyes and her nose and I have to give her eye drops every day. Maybe that’s why she was left, but as soon as I saw those big yellow eyes I was like ‘wow’. She was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen.’

When Luc found out how Moony was unique, he decided to share her with the world on social media. Many posts with photos of Moony, videos, stories about her attracted attention immediately.

Last year Moony’s story was discovered by the music company ACN Multimedia Group, run by Anna C. Nova which alongside its music business, owns and takes care of the homeless cat shelter based in Russia.

As a cat lover, she chose to reach out to Luc with a view to bringing to life a special project with Moony as the star attraction. She said,  ‘Through my work as a music producer, I got an idea to work out special project with this little baby to let the world know about her with a brand new experimental project called ‘Got A Voice’ which is a series starring Moony Strangecat.’

The series is made up of very short video pieces from Moony’s daily life where she talks and sings with her also strange, but cute voice. The video series become available at the official Moony’s Facebook page once a month and already got a deep love by Moony’s fans. Her very special voice, just like her unique appearance, has already become recognizable.

Moony’s public activity now is turning into a big success and she’s definitely one to watch (if you are keeping track of the latest pet stars emerging through social media).

She, as the cat who can talk, was invited by Honor Veterans Radio based in USA to co-host the popular Halloween show in 2015 and Valentine’s Day show in 2016 and has a new show coming out on International Cat Day, 8th August.

Moony is the very first cat in the world who was officially signed to the music record label ACN Music and became one of the human artist team. And like each new born star Moony, her producer Anna C. Nova and all multimedia team have a lot of ideas to work out new music projects for her voice. And the main goal is a charitable purpose – to make the entertaining activity helpful to homeless pets.

Keep up to date with her rise to stardom on her official Facebook page at

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