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This Cat Survived Falling 50 Feet After Being Spooked by a Loud Noise


A cat named Flearoy has been recovering at home after falling 50 feet from his owner’s apartment window after getting spooked by a loud noise. His life hung in the balance but after intensive treatment from PDSA vets in Manchester, he’s now on the road to recovery.

Flearoy’s owner, self-employed Emma Rowe (31), from Wythenshawe, was talking to neighbours when a loud noise startled the normally placid cat. He dashed out of the room, squeezing himself through a tiny window and plummeted fifty foot to the ground.

Emma said: “We live in a block of flats and the window hardly opens; so I never thought he’d be able to jump out. Normally, he just sits happily by the window but after he was startled he just vanished!

“We rushed downstairs to see if we could find him, and discovered him curled up in a corner not far from our block.”

Flearoy was covered in blood, had a badly broken leg and was unable to move.

“He’s a major part of the family so it was awful to see him in this much pain – it was devastating. I rushed him to the nearest vets where they did all they could to stabilise him. They feared his injuries were so severe that they’d have to put him to sleep, and there was absolutely no way I’d be able to afford Flearoy’s treatment.

Emma was in desperate need of help when luckily a friend told her about pet charity PDSA and suggested they might be able to help. A call confirmed Emma was eligible and Flearoy was referred to the charity’s Manchester PDSA Pet Hospital.

PDSA vet, May Mohd, says: “Poor Flearoy’s injuries were severe. His front left leg was badly broken and the roof of his mouth was fractured. We performed a complex procedure, using pins to put his leg back together. The fracture on the roof of his mouth just needed time to heal.”

Following lots of care, attention and time, he’s made a brilliant recovery.

Emma added: “I’m incredibly grateful to the charity and all of the staff at the Manchester PDSA. Without them I would have had no choice but to put my gorgeous Flearoy to sleep – I couldn’t have afforded the treatment to get him fixed, and borrowing more money just wasn’t an option.

“I’ve donated as much as I can to say thank you and encourage other animal lovers to do the same. The work they do is amazing and they’ve truly saved his life. I can’t thank them enough for their treatment and care.”

The current PDSA Pet Hospital location in Old Trafford has been the charity’s home for over 40 years. Today, its vets and nurses treat nearly 12,000 pets every year, providing around 78,000 treatments, ranging from emergency life-saving surgery to routine vaccinations and dental operations.

But after years of treating sick and injured pets, the much-loved hospital, on Warwick Road South, has now reached breaking point and desperately needs replacing, and so the PDSA is asking for the people of Manchester to support their plans to build a £2.4 million ‘Wellbeing Centre’ to ensure the charity can continue to help pets like Flearoy.

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