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These Cats Who Could Teach You a Thing or Two About Hide & Seek

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Have you ever played hide and seek with your cat? If so, as embarrassing as it might be to admit we have to ask, did you win?

Here are some cats who think you know nothing about hide and seek. In fact, they think they have skills you can only dream of. Fighting words, no?

Are you ready?

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lamb

It’s serious business to some cats.

Others might decide to take on the appearance of a common object, say a mouse.

Photo Credit: Malingering

You might always feel like somebody’s watching you.

But while most stay true to the game.

Photo Credit: Mouton

For some, there’s always one who’ll give you away.

Photo Credit: Malingering

However your decide to play, sometimes you just have to respect the hide and seek power of your feline friend who’s maybe been around the block a little more than you and see what you’ve seen, been where you’ve been and knows where you’re going to hide before you even know yourself!

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