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The Benefits of Microchipping For Cats – This is an Amazing Story

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The importance of microchipping pets has been highlighted by RSPCA Cymru, after a cat missing for more than FOUR MONTHS was reunited with his owner in Pontyclun.

RSPCA Cymru was notified after a cat was seen limping on Ely Street in the town on 16 April.

The injured cat was confined by a member of the public, before an RSPCA officer attended the scene to collect the animal.

It was found the male cat, named Gwynno, was microchipped – and when RSPCA made contact with the delighted owner with whom the chip was registered, they discovered the feline had been missing since 4 December!

Gwynno’s relieved owner took him to the vets, where he was found to have a laceration of the paw, but is responding well to treatment.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Paula Milton said: “It’s staggering to think Gwynno had been missing from home for more than four months – but this amazing tale just underlines how important microchipping cats can be.

“Microchipping your pet gives them the best chance of being identified and returned to you if they become lost – and that was certainly the case with Gwynno.

“It’s always fantastic to be involved in a happy ending – and we’re so delighted we were able to get Gwynno back home."

Paul Maddox, Gwynno’s owner, said: "He’s doing absolutely great. Gwynno has settled back in really well; but seems to be staying a lot closer to home!

"It’s strange he went missing – as he’d always choose to stay to the local estate. But he’s quite the cheeky cat and has been known to get into people’s cars before, so we wonder if he inadvertently hitched a ride somewhere.

"We were over the moon to get the call from the RSPCA that he had been found. After four months, we’d just made the tough decision to cancel his pet insurance and the family really didn’t think we’d ever see him again – but then, out of the blue, the RSPCA got in touch.

"Microchipping has worked really well for us. Without the chip, I sincerely doubt we’d ever have seen Gwynno again – so this really highlights how important microchipping can be. We’re so grateful to the RSPCA – their officer, Paula, was so helpful and we’re really appreciative and delighted to have Gwynno safely home."

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