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Cat Focus: A Profile Of The Magnificent Sphynx

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The first example of this amazing, hairless cat came about in 1966 in Toronto. It was born of a normal domestic cat. This natural mutation became an established breed as more and more examples of the phenomenon occurred. The cat was subject to a course of selective breeding with normal haired cats and then back to hairless cats in order to refine the genetics of this most striking looking creature.

The breed does not suffer from any genetic deficiencies and she is also very robust. All though she has a striking appearance she is not completely hairless. She has a soft down which varies in colour and gives each cat a quite unique look in certain light. One of the advantages of this type of cat is that cat lovers who are allergic to cats can usually cope with the Sphynx. However, this does depend on the extent of the allergy.

It is not only the appearance of this cat which is unique. She has a unique character as well. She loves to be watched and she craves the attention that she thinks she deserves. She will entertain and perform for you as long as she is rewarded with attention. Clumsiness is one of her less desirable qualities, but at the same time watching her stumble and trip around the house can be quite endearing. She has an affinity with people, dogs and other cats and is generally very friendly and intelligent.

She is a well built cat and even has a bit of a gut hanging down. Males will weigh between 8-10 pounds whilst the females will weigh between 6-8 pounds. She has a good strong bone structure which makes a very attractive cat to look at.

This cat is a joy to have around, but be sure to provide plenty of mental stimulation so she doesn’t get up to any mischief.

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