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Men are Bottom of the Pecking Order in the Marital Home Compared to Cats, Research Claims

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British men face a lifetime of ‘dog’s dinners’ experts warn, as female cat lovers admit to letting their furry friends rule the roost in the marital home.

Just like in ancient Egyptian society, cats today are being worshipped by their female owners with men getting a second class citizen experience under the same roof, they added.

According to the survey of 2,000 pet owners by parasite experts Bayer Animal Health to launch its Autumn Home Invaders campaign, more than half of women will squish their partner to make room for their treasured moggie to sit on the sofa. And one in three women admit to making their partner sleep on the edge of the bed so their cat has plenty of duvet.

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Relationship expert, Jenni Trent Hughes, says: “It’s no secret that cat owners can be fiercely fond of their pets. Nowadays pets are often present before the partner is on the scene. They were a best friend and confidant and one cannot expect them to be put to one side because love has arrived, especially if it’s a cat! However, for a happy relationship it’s important you don’t let the animal become a bone of contention between you but instead learn to love and cherish the pet as you would each other.”

The study also found that more than two thirds of women allow their furry friends to sleep on the bed whilst nearly 8 in 10 pet owners give the thumbs up to their pet snoozing on the sofa and almost a third have tip toed around the house to avoid waking them.

The research additionally revealed that 14 per cent of women will allow their cat to walk on the dining room table and almost 20 per cent think nothing of letting ‘Tom’ catwalk the kitchen surfaces. Worse still 15 per cent of ‘cat women’ let their pet lick left over dinner off a plate!

Whilst pets are valued companions they can sometimes harbour parasites such as fleas and worms. Adult fleas on the pet are often missed and it is estimated that 95 per cent of the flea population in a home is hidden within carpets and soft furnishings, which is perhaps no surprise when pet owners are so relaxed when it comes to allowing their cat on the sofa and bed. Further research has also shown that a third of pet owners are unaware that switching on the heating in the autumn and winter months can lead to an increase in flea infestations.

Vicky McAlister, Senior Product Manager at Bayer Animal Health, says: “Whilst it’s very amusing to hear that cats are at the top of the pecking order in the marital home, it is important to note that parasites such as fleas love to breed in warm environments. So pet owners should be extra careful about parasite protection at this time of year when the central heating gets turned on.”

Home Invaders is part of Bayer Animal Health’s wider ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ parasite protection initiative. People can help spread the word and find out if their pet and family could be at risk from parasites, by following the conversation at or watch the Home Invaders documentary at

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  1. #ASK_kooPURRSmith_on_CATS:
    #October_14_2018 – 9:27 AM CST
    I totally agree with this ARTicle. My Cali The Calico is the CEO of my Heart. Men come and go. Go is the KEYWORD here; some Men are special – I dont want to sound like a Man Basher, but that CAT fills such a void in my Life. As a Senior – now 66 I ee the imPURRtance of having her in my Life. Some may think I am crazy but I truly believe Cali is the reinCATnation of either my Grandmother, Clara or her Mother, Anna of who I am named. Having FUN with Cali in our Lives, as this is the 1st TIME Bob (now 68) has had a CAT – a #suPURR_Species as I call Cali – in his Life. We are creating a 366 all original CAT Calendar for 2019-2029 that I’ve declared as #DecadeOfTheCat_Feline that I can do as I’m considered the #Undisputed_Champ_of_Holiday_Creation per Doug Criss of CNN – back in Feb of 2018. Everyone should have a CALi in their Lives. I encourage you…

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