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Is Your Cat Overweight? 4 in 10 Cats Are, According to UK Vets

News Did you know that almost half of cats seen by British vets are overweight? It’s surprising, isn’t it?

The reason for it might be quite simple though because according to the new study, nearly 5 in 10 cat owners admit to feeding their pets table scraps daily and aren’t sure what to look for when reading pet food labels.

So, could it be pet owners don’t know how to tell what their cat needs to thrive?

Experts at believe owners admitting to being unclear about what to give their cat lies at the heart of the rising statistics and have launched a new campaign to help pet owners tell if their cat is overweight and what to do next.

The campaign will offer advice around the topic of nutrition for both indoor and outdoor cats, what they need and what they don’t, what to look for when choosing a diet cat food (and what it is) and how to read pet food labels.

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