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How Long Should Cats Sleep?

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Have you ever been asked ‘if you could be a cat or a dog, which would you be?’.

I have and to be honest before I became a cat owner, I would have said ‘I’ll be a dog, please’ without dropping a beat, but now I’m a cat owner too, I’d have to change my answer, sorry dogs.

My cat was a stray who moved into our home at nine months old and six weeks pregnant. She decided she wanted a home and she got one.

My cat

She bashed my two dogs around to make her mark and has since dished out lessons to two further dogs, both of whom are far bigger than her but know their place.

I admire a cat’s freedom and philosophy to living life well, it’s all on their own terms. They eat when they want and they sleep when (and where) they want.

Apparently, it is normal for adult cats to sleep around 15 hours a day, usually throughout the day, based on the fact that they are most active in the early hours.

Sleeping in between meals helps them to conserve energy for their dawn to dust activities as natural-born hunters. Kittens and senior cats usually sleep an extra two or three hours more per day than adult cats.

Cats don’t spend all of those hours in a deep sleep, sometimes they are lightly sleeping. Usually, when they are having a deep sleep you’ll see them curled up and their tail and paws may twitch as they dream. If they’re super relaxed, they may even snore too!

And it’s a compliment to you as a pet owner if your cat sleeps in the most unusual positions and places because it shows they are confident and relaxed, according to experts.

My cat regularly takes over some of our dogs’ beds, meaning the dogs’ have to sleep on the floor usually while watching her stretched out in their extra-large bed. With the cat expert’s comments in mind, I assume she’s not just making a point to them about who’s boss, she’s also showing how relaxed she is in their company.

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