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It seems like a great idea doesn’t it? A laptop for your cat to call his or her own. I mean who hasn’t decided to settle down at home on your laptop to surf the web or check your emails to find your keyboard covered by your cat who’s decided it’s the perfect time to settle there for a snooze. So when we were given the chance to review the kitty laptop from we jumped at the chance on behalf of Buster our resident reviewer.

A bit about the Cat Playhouse cardboard cat laptop…

Made by the same folks at Suck UK who brought us the cat scratching DJ decks, tank and even the shark mouth, the cat laptop is also simple and easy to set up. No fuss, no glue, you just simply fold it.

So, what did Buster make of it?

Well, our feline friend is a picky girl. She doesn’t like to be told when to work, she’s more of a free spirit who enjoys doing what she wants when she wants.

But we’ve all had those days haven’t we. You get to your desk, turn on your computer and you can’t work out what to do first. Or you have a problem you can’t quite work out how to solve. You’re looking for inspiration.

So you go for a stroll…

You look in on a colleague…

You hide in the corner…wait, you don’t do that?

You think you’ve found the answer to be blocked…

So you decide to finish early and sleep on it…

That’s Buster’s day.

She’ll start again tomorrow and see how it unfolds.

The cardboard laptop for cats is a bit of fun. It’s not something I imagine Buster will use regularly but she might, from time to time decide the mouse needs to be put in his place. For £19.95 if your cat enjoys scratching, boxes and all things new, you can find it on here.

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