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Great Ideas For Fundraising At Christmas Fairs

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Christmas time is a bit of a tricky time for organising charity fundraising events.  On the one hand, people have less money to spare because of all the cash they have spent or will spend on presents and all the festivities.  On the other hand, though, organising just the right charity event can inspire people to spend some of their Christmas budget at the event and give a real boost to your chosen charity.

If you are thinking of organising a charity fundraising event, you probably already have a charity in mind.  Perhaps you are thinking about helping animals who may be abandoned, abused or neglected at this time of year as people struggle to cope with caring for their pets when money is tight, or as tensions in the household rise with every festive beverage consumed.

The RSPCA is always exceptionally busy over the winter months as they battle to care for lost or abandoned pets and strays and cope with the increase in calls from concerned members of the public about possible abuse or neglect situations.

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The RSPCA also has a selection of specific projects to which you can donate or for which you can generate funds through a charity event: go to the RSPCA Choices site and browse some of the projects to see which one you would like to help.  You might be a ‘cat person’ and like the idea of raising money to rehome cats, for example.  Or you might be inspired by their winter campaign called Everyday Heroes, which sets out to raise money to train and employ as many Inspectors as possible to go out there and help animals in need (including those which might be living in abusive or hostile environments).

Once you have chosen a project and set up a webpage publicising your event, think of some great fundraising ideas.  A Christmas fair is always a great idea and you can host it in your local village hall or church hall.  Stalls could include:

Food Stalls

  • Homemade cakes, buns and biscuits, preferably decorated or flavoured with a Christmas theme!
  • Sell hotdogs (including a vegetarian alternative) in case people get hungry – they are cheap and easy to make and will raise quite a lot of extra cash.  Or sell warm mince pies and cream!


These could include:

  • Pin the tail on the reindeer;
  • Throw snowballs onto the snowman (use Velcro-covered tennis balls and attach some Velcro spots to a large cardboard snowman);
  • Reindeer skittles (paint bottles to look like the seven reindeers and part-fill with sand or water to weigh them down);
  • Cracker Tombola – fill cheap crackers with sweets and put a winning ticket in several of them.  Anyone who gets a ticket in their cracker has won the tombola prize with the corresponding ticket number.


  • Reindeer dust – for the children to sprinkle in the garden late on Christmas Eve.  Oats and glitter, (later marked by big boot prints for the children to see in the morning!).
  • Christmas decorations – sew up two small hearts cut out of spare fabric, stuffed with a bit of fluff and some lavender.  Add a piece of ribbon – lovely!

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