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Cat ‘Wheely’ Pushed His Luck After Getting Wedged In-Between Bike

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can you buy Lyrica at walmart This black and white cat was lucky to escape with all nine lives intact after the Metropolitan Police had to call in reinforcements after discovering the black and white cat trapped in the frame of the black mountain bike.

RSPCA Animal collection officer (ACO) Prisca Giddens rushed to the scene, in Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, on Thursday afternoon (23 February).

“A delivery driver had called police after spotting the puss in a bit of a tight spot! The driver tried to free the cat but couldn’t and, as the bike was chained up outside a house, he called the police who alerted us.” ACO Giddens explains.

Giddens continued, “The cat had his head and front legs stuck on one side of the bike frame having tried to climb through the gap between the back wheel and the chain.

“He was completely stuck and the bike was upside down, hanging over a balcony, so I was worried about freeing the cat in such a precarious position. Luckily, a passerby stopped and helped me free the feline.

“We were able to support his back end and help him squeeze himself through the gap and, luckily, he wasn’t any worse for wear!”

The cat was checked over and scanned for a microchip revealing a foreign chip meaning the officer couldn’t retrieve the details. As he wasn’t injured, she decided to release him so he could find his own way home.

“He was a lovely cat and just looked a little embarrassed,” ACO Giddens adds.7

Suspecting he wasn’t too far from home and knowing he wasn’t injured the animal welfare officer decided to let him find his own way home instead of causing further stress saying, “I released him with a paper collar on including my details in case his owners wanted to know what he’d been up to!”

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