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Is the Cat Radiator Bed a Worthwhile Investment?

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It’s worth noting at the start of this review that our cat, Buster AKA Cat face, is a fussy girl. She was homeless before she came to us, she quickly commandeered our large dog beds, took over the spare bedroom and doesn’t hesitate to let you know if she’s not that impressed. You have to admire her really.

For a couple of years now I’ve wondered if she’d like a radiator bed, it’s a nice feeling when she chooses to be with you rather than in her bedroom or outdoors, and it’s typically as the weather turns cold and radiators are on that she’ll choose to sit with you (or the radiator) and get nice and cozy.

So I’ve always wondered, and hope she’d like it, but so many toys and gadgets fall flat that I hadn’t dared risk. Until now. It’s never been about the cost, more the feeling of rejection – like, ‘do I even know her?’. It sounds silly, I never worry about this with my dogs, they love anything they get, but I guess that’s dogs vs cats.

Recently we were sent a list of gifts from the online marketplace,, for Christmas and one item which lept of the screen to us, yep you guessed it, was a fleece cat radiator bed from odsl_ukpriced at £6.65 with free economy delivery.

A week or so later the bed arrived. Easy to unpack, you essentially fold out two ends of the metal bars inside, fold the fleece over and you’re ready to hook over your radiator. We were excited to try but, as the above probably reveals, a little anxious as to how the cat who doesn’t like anything moved out of place and takes a little time to adapt to new things, would take to it.

She took a day to observe it, I felt my hopes fade. But then she was coaxed into it and quite honestly hasn’t looked back! She absolutely loves it. The faux fur blanket is ignored. The double bed in her bedroom is shunned. The radiator bed is her place of choice whether the radiators are on or not.

It is quite light but because the fleece wraps around the frame inside you have a top and bottom layer for thickness. Machine washable, the store recommends it as suitable for up to 5kg.

What do you get a fussy cat? A radiator bed it seems. Thanks to the odsl_uk team for sending and allowing us to review. 

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