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It’s True, I’m a Cat Person Now and I Never Expected I Would Be

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I wasn’t a cat person until I got a cat. Let me clarify that, I wasn’t a cat person until our cat decided she was moving in.

At nine-months old and six weeks pregnant, a cat decided that our home was for her and the two dogs residing would just have to lump it, or get slapped. Or both. Unable to find her owners, she quickly settled in and became a part of our family and once her kittens were born a friend of a friend who had always had four kittens adopted all four.

But the last three years have been a complete learning curve about the differences between dogs and cats.

I now know that a cat comes to you when she wants fuss, try and fuss her outside of these perimeters and prepare for a snubbing only a cat could give.

A cat likes to know he/she has access to an exit point at all times and I’ve learnt the different sounds he/she’ll make when she’s happy or not, or when they’ve brought a guest into the home.

Speaking of guests, I thought cats were meant to keep your home free of rodents?

Something else I’ve had to learn is how to catch a mouse, save a life and take the filthiest of looks from the cat.

But it’s all been worth it.

Our dogs adapted.

Mia, our nine-year old Rottweiler, now snubs her when she feels like it but was grateful of her company when she recovered from her second operation for cancer.

Chloe, our older Labrador, never forgave her for those two uncalled for slaps (one when she was sleeping no less).

But she found the cat’s toys most interesting.

When Chloe passed two other dogs came into our home, Christopher and Danny.

Being the older of the two by around 19 months, Danny adapted and quickly learnt the language of the cat.

Christopher at just one-year old is still learning, and picking up cat related habits, such as jumping on the (her) table.

He’s always interested in what she’s up to.

Still, if they ever snub her, she’s not a happy Catface, and nobody wants an unhappy Catface do they.

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