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A Stray Cat Wandered in to This Manchester Home & Look What Happened

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An RSPCA officer had a rather unusual rescue when she was called to a family home in Manchester this week.

Inspector Natalie Avery went to a home in Homcroft Road at lunchtime on Monday (23 April) after the cat got wedged behind a metal bathroom towel rail.

She said: “The funny thing was he wasn’t even their cat!

“He’d run into their house through an open door and when he spotted them inside he panicked and ran into the bathroom to hide in the smallest gap he could find – between the rails of a towel rail mounted on the wall!

“He was obviously very frightened and distressed so I carefully and calmly put my hands around his body and wriggled him free of the bars.

“I checked him over and, thankfully, he wasn’t injured or burned by the hot rail. He had no microchip or collar so it wasn’t clear where he’d come from but he was very distressed so I made the decision to release him there and then and save him any further stress.

“I suspect he’s a stray who is living in the area or belongs to a local house so I’m sure he’ll find his way home.”

The RSPCA is often called out to rescue cats who have got themselves stuck in rather awkward situations:

  • An animal collection officer had to help a lost puss who got wedged between two automatic glass doors at a Premier Inn in Luton, Bedfordshire, last month;

  • In January another officer had to help free a stray cat who’d ended up wedged inside the mechanism of a reclining sofa at a home in Bristol, in January;

  • And one-year-old Charlie found himself in a right pickle after climbing a tree in Wilmslow, Cheshire, only to get stuck 60ft up – luckily, an officer and tree surgeon were able to get him down safely and return him to his very relieved owners who’d been looking for him for nine days.

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