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A Cat Reviews: Could This Simple Toy & Some Catnip Be a Winning Formula?

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Our cat is a picky little thing. The reaction you get one day to something is very much dependant on her mood, unlike the dogs she shares her home with, and so when we were given the chance to review the Purrfect Arch from, I was skeptical over whether she would like it – or for how long – but thought it was worth a try as she does like rubbing her head on things and she is shedding, so it could be a win-win for her and her fur!

The Purrfect Arch (priced at £19.99) is easy to assemble and comes with a bag of catnip allowing you to sprinkle and infuse the base with some.

I also had some catnip spray so lightly sprayed the bristles before unveiling it to a happy, sun-soaked cat.

Here’s how she took to it:

I think she likes it!

Thanks to the JML Direct team for sharing – find out more and read more reviews online:



British weather is so unpredictable and so Buster has also recently reviewed and approved of the Ancol self-heated pet mat (RRP £10.60) which has a self-heating inner layer zipped in a washable, light fleece blanket- perfect for sprawling out on – which she loves to do!

She has also really enjoyed the Scruffs Tramp Thermal self-heating pet donut bed (RRP £29.99) which has a thicker design and a more luxury feel, and she rotates between this, her radiator bed (even on warm days) and her fleece blanket – who says a girl needs just one place to lay her head! – not this girl cat, that’s for sure.

Each bed contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil, this layer is sandwiched between quilted hollow fibres and the beds main fill, it reflects body heat back to your feline, keeping them warm. Upholstered in a stylish corduroy outer fabric with a lavish plush interior for the ultimate luxury appeal.

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