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7 Ways Big Cats at Woburn Safari Park Are Enjoying #InternationalCatDay


It’s August 8th, and you know what that means – it’s International Cat Day!

Here are 7 photos that tell us it doesn’t matter what size your cat is because at their core they all love the same sort of toys (albeit some on a larger scale) to play with.

Meet some of the big cats at Woburn Safari Park who will spend the day celebrating their species with giant cat toys, wool and cardboard boxes.

The Park’s tiger cubs, Mishka and Milashki, have also been showing off their hunting skills and competing with a game of tug-o-war, enjoying a cooling dip in the Park’s water pools and spending some quality time with mum as they brush up on their stalking and pouncing skills.

Photo Credits: Bridget Davey Photography / Woburn Safari Park

Amur tigers (also known as Siberian tigers) are critically endangered with as few as 520 in the wild due to poaching and loss of habitat. Mishka and Milashki were the first Amur tigers to be born at the Park in 23 years and will help to ensure a future for the breed.

These female cubs are now juveniles and at 10 months old weigh around 70-80kgs each.

Home to a pride of 7 African lions and 5 Amur tigers that live in spacious reserves in the Kingdom of the Carnivores section of the Road Safari, Tara Humphrey, Animal Keeper at Woburn Safari Park said: “We are always thinking of new ways to provide our big cats with the enrichment that they need.”

Tara continued, “We decided that it would be nice to introduce the tigers and lions to some of the toys similar to those enjoyed by domestic house cats. Stalking and playing with the props really helps to stimulate their natural hunting instincts and the giant cardboard box we found was ideal for hiding in and tearing apart!”


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