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7 Cats Taking Nap Time to All New Levels

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One of the biggest signs that your cat is relaxed is how they choose to sleep.

Here are seven of the funniest cats we’ve found, all taking nap time to new levels of cuteness.

1. The First Rule of Camo Cat Club Is to Blend In

Photo Credit: Reddit/blue_chopsticks

2. When You’re so Comfy You Don’t Want to Move (& They Can’t Either)

Photo Credit: Twitter/LunaBelle_Cat

3. It’s Been a Hard Day for This Kitten

Photo Credit: Reddit/NedWretched

4. Pots & Pans Make Great Cat Beds, Apparently

Photo Credit: Twitter/LordGraydon

5. It Takes Two to Make a Proper Train: Meet the Little Cat That Could (Choo Choo)

Photo Credit: Reddit/smolprincess928

6. When a Stretch Turns Into a Snooze

Photo Credit: Twitter/TheHardyBoyCats

7. Perhaps the Most Relaxed Cat of All Time?

Photo Credit: Reddit/4Adagio

If your cat can do better than these seven superheroes, see the box below – you could win your cat a brand new luxury bed!

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