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6 Cats Who Will Give You That Friday Feeling (We Dare You Not to Laugh!)

Funny Cats

Happy Friday! We all know cats are funny creatures and this morning we had proof land in our inbox.

Here are 6 cats who have been entered into the inaugural Comedy Pet Photography Awards launched by wildlife photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam this year, and we think you’ll agree, these are 6 very funny cats.

This cat has mastered the selfie with a scowl.

Photo Credit: Gabril Constantin Marian

This cat doesn’t conform to the norm.

This cat is getting to grips with the art of puppet mastery, much to their surprise.

Photo Credit: Krzysztof Smejli

This cat thinks as long as you’re a ninja, everything’s cool…although the art of surprise still needs some work.

Photo Credit: Heather Ross

This cat knows how to get what they want, you can tell.

Photo Credit: Claire Stott

This cat must have been an artist in a former life. We reckon he knew just how to position himself for ‘the’ perfect photo.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Constantin Marian

The Comedy Pet Photography Awards are still taking entries until 31st May – if you’d like to share your cat with the world, enter here >> 

The photographs will be judged by an impressive celebrity panel, which includes Countryfile’s Kate Humble, photographic editor Adam Storey and vet extraordinaire Emma Milne and the winner of the funniest pet photo will win a £2,000 cash prize.

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