Does Owning a Cat Mean You’re Less Likely to WANT a Partner?

A new survey has discovered that single men believe owning a cat takes the pressure off having to find a partner.

According to the research, a new generation of male singletons (dubbed ‘Cat-chelors’ by the researchers) reveals a string of benefits, including helping to keep their owners calm.

One in four thinks their moggy has taken the pressure off being single, saying they are good company in lieu of a partner, while nearly a third believe their cats are good to talk to, according to, who carried out the survey with 1,000 single men.

Journalist Basil Kronfli, 34, of London said: “We’ve always been told that dogs are man’s best friend.

”But I reckon cats make way better companions for single professionals, especially if you have to travel with work like I do.

“Jasper and Max do their business outside, don’t need daily walks, and we operate on a need-to-stroke basis, when they need strokes or scratches, I drop everything and deliver. The rest of the time, they’re busy catting like pros and I can crack on with work or play – purrrfection.”

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