7 Cats Sleeping in Inappropriate Places That’ll Make You Smile

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Maybe, just maybe, cats have it right when they live in the moment and on their own terms.

Here are 7 cats who we think prove just that by sleeping in the most inappropriate places on their own terms.

This cat saw a bowl, he felt tired, he took a chance it might be comfy. It was.

Photo Credit: Reddit

For others, a sink will do though. And who can blame them, drink on tap and if you can get the right staff, the bar snacks can be pretty good too.

Photo Credit: Reddit

This cat’s Sunday dinner must have been exceptional to make him give in to the big meal snooze while he’s still at the table.

Photo Credit: Imgur

This cat has found a boot that even we want to snooze in.

Photo Credit: Reddit

School’s out according to these cats, so pens down please.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Photo Credit: Reddit

Most of us have felt that fresh air tiredness sweep over us at some time or another, it’s just most of us wait until we’re home before we give in to it.

Photo Credit: Imgur

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